Victims Of Human Rights Violations

For the 2024 edition, the victims of injustice and torture that ACAT-France is supporting are Saïda El Alami, Zeynab Jalalian, Wu Xianle, Pham Doan Trang, Wendy Galarza, Luisa Muñoz Gonzales and Fernando Romo Salas, Abdul Karim Ali,  Dieudonné Niyonsenga. 

They are threatened, beaten, imprisoned, held incommunicado for their political commitments, their convictions and their willingness to defend the underprivileged, atthe risk of their lives.

On June 26, support them, let them know that they are not forgotten, pray for them, and write to them!

  • Dieudonné Niyonsenga is a Rwandan freelance journalist known on YouTube as Cyuma Hassan. He has been imprisoned since November 2021. Dieudonné Niyonsenga is reported to have […]
  • Abdul Karim Ali is a Cameroonian human rights defender and former director of the Center for Peace Research (CRP). He is being arbitrarily detained in Yaoundé’s […]