Wu Gan

Wu Gan, human rights activist, 44 years old, was sentenced to eight years in prison for "subversion" on December 26th, 2017 and says he has been tortured.

Wu Gan was arrested in May 2015, while he was working for a law firm in Beijing. He took part in a demonstration denouncing a miscarriage of justice in a death penalty case. He was officially charged for "inciting subversion of state power", a classic accusation made against civilians as soon as they point out abuses committed by authorities.

Famous in China since 2009, this activist is recognized for his innovative methods, which link actions both online and on the field in order to highlight violations of human rights and raise funds for his activities over the Internet.

Before his trial, which took place behind closed doors on August 14th, 2017, Wu Gan was detained for more than 28 months without any communications with his family. He reported acts of torture and was able to name 13 agents who allegedly tortured him during his detention.

What can you do?

You can write to authorities (the letter is in French):