Whitnesses of hope

We will be witnesses of hope
In this world which trembles,
In this world today.
We will be light, salt and seed
So that cries will subside
So that tomorrow life will arise.

In this world of clay,
In a world that falters,
When life so often hangs only by a thread,
Strong with our fragile hands,
With our fingers so clumsy
Will we know how to trace a path for the Gospel ?

In this world of fear,
In a world without color,
When life fades under so much tepidness,
Strengthened by our watchful eyes,
The beats of our heart,
Will we know how to find words for happiness ?

In this vagrant world,
In a world of suffering,
When life sighs in the gallows’ shadows
Strengthened by our patience
With a look filled with hope,
Will we know how to send forth a cry of deliverance ?

In this world of mistrust,
In a world of intolerance when life can only survive in silence,
Strengthened by our differences,
By our voices rich with nuances,
Will we know how to repeat a message of confidence to each person ?

Dominique Rigaldo
Song composed for ACAT’s 1992 General Assembly