We Thank You

In the middle of the darkest night of the moral and physical suffering of all the tortured people of the entire world, the little flame of hope, though flickering as embers under cinders, is still lit in the heart of humanity.

Therefore, Lord,
We wish to thank You for the courage which so many prisoners have shown in order to keep a hold on human dignity.

That they be the light for free people so often discouraged by small matters.

We thank You for those who give their support to all of those deprived of their liberty, at the risk of loosing their own.

That they be the light for us who dare so rarely to say what we think.

We thank You for all of the organizations at work in the world so that human beings no longer be humiliated.

That they be the light and draw to themselves all of those who wish to work for mankind.

We thank You for the unrelenting patience of all those who write to torturers to request.... and who write to the victims to show them their support.

That they be the light to awaken the conscience of those who cause suffering and to warm the heart of those who suffer.

We thank You for the doors which open, in particular (to bring up to date)

That the light of Your sun be granted to all those locked up in prisons.

We thank You for all of the mercies you show to those who suffer. That your grace, Lord, may illuminate the world, that all obscurities may disappear, that everything on the earth may shine and that in your love all people may love each other and live in hope.