This treasure which we carry in clay vases

Vase of clay, my tortured brother, without value for those who persecute you.
Your cry resounds and grows in volume.
You offer us your treasure of strength in resistance
Of energy when, pushed from all sides
You reemerge after having been crushed.

Vase of clay, my tortured brother, the defender of human rights
Hunted, you don’t loose courage.
You draw upon your internal treasure
The obstinacy of your quest for justice.

Vase of clay, my brother the torturer,
You roar with hatred
In the impasse where you stand
Brought low by evil.
Know that there is always a way out
To reemerge to the truth.

Vases of clay, my brothers and sisters in humanity
Aware of our weaknesses,
Attached to our egos which are eroded by suffering, failure and disappointment,
Let us brew up in the heart of our being
This treasure of communion, of compassion
Of faith and of hope.

May the risen Christ
Advance in each one of us
In our wounds and our cracks
Passing through death
To lift life up again.