Profession of Faith according to Saint Irenaeus

I am attached to Christ Jesus,
I adhere to his Gospel, for I am certain of his presence to God,
His Father, of his coming into the world to make us his brothers and sisters.
I am convinces that he was born of Mary
Virgin obedient in faith to the will of God and that he suffered as a true man.
I live in the hope that his death
is like the prefiguration of his joy of living forever in us : the manifestation of the Resurrection and of eternal life.
Day after day, I have the experience of being led by the Spirit of God.
That is the gift of Christ in our hearts.
He opens our minds to an understanding of the Bible, to a knowledge of faith.
He maintains the Church entirely in the communion of Christ.
It is thus that I believe in God, Creator and Father.
Through his Word, Christ, and through the Holy Spirit,
That is to say through his living Word and his life-giving breath
He made us in his image, shaping us, so to speak, with his own hands, like a workman, like an artist, according to his love.
His pardon, his tenderness, his mercy lead us
to the fullness of what we truly are by making us like his son.

Composed by Father Maurice Jourjon, former Catholic co-president of the Group of Dombes