Prayer of Hope

Lord, grant me today that nothing be able to disturb the peace deep within me,
But that I manage to speak to each person I’ll meet of joy, and prosperity to help them find the riches which lie within them.

Help me also, Lord, to gaze on your sunlit face, even when faced with difficult events : there is not one which can not be a source of riches still concealed.

Grant me that I may show a joyous countenance and the smile of friendship to every man, your son and my brother.

Give me a heart which is too big to ruminate my hurts, too noble to hold a grudge, too strong to tremble, too open to close up to anyone at all.

Lord, I ask these graces for all people who are struggling today so that hatred will diminish and Love will grow.

Open our eyes to the invisible so that nothing will happen which will shake the optimism of those who believe in Thee and who believe in Mankind, who hope in Thee and hope in Mankind.