How easy it is for me to live with You, Lord ! How easy it is for me to believe in You ! When my mind falls into a state of perplexity or is silent and afflicted ; when the most intelligent people can’t see any further than the evening of the same day and don’t know what should be done the next, You give me the clear confidence that you do exist and that You take care that all the roads toward good should not be closed. Above the crests of earthly glory I look with amazement at the path I would never have been able to invent myself, this marvelous path above despair, there from whence I too can send a reflection of Your light to humanity. And that I will have to tell them myself, You will give it to me, and if I don’t manage, it will mean that You have destined otherwise for that. Yes, Lord, all our sacrificed lives, our limping lives, our sighs and our tears, all of that, won’t it give an eternal and perfected beauty ? I feel with so much clarity that what is within me is not yet all me. I feel something very indestructible, something very, very elevated : Something like a spark of the universal Spirit ! Amen.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn (1918-2008) novelist and Russian dissident