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Night of June 26, 2017

Naâma Asfari
MoroccoSahara occidental

In the Western Sahara… Naâma Asfari, political prisoner

It has almost been seven years now since he was arbitrarily imprisoned. His crime ? Defending Human Rights and speaking out for the self-determination of the Western Sahara. He was condemned to 30 years in prison on the 16th of February 2013 by a Moroccan military tribunal which accused him of criminal association and collusion in the murder of eleven Moroccan soldiers during the dismantlement of the Gdeim Izik Camp in November of 2010. But Naâma had already been arrested the day before the break-up of the camp which had been erected the previous month by Sahrawi people, residents of the occupied Western Sahara in order to protest the discrimination they receive at the hands of the Moroccan authorities. This extremely heavy sentence was handed down at the end of an unfair trial lasting 9 days and which accepted confessions signed under torture. Twenty-four other Sahrawi activists were convicted along with him in the same circumstances. Under International pressure, the Court of Cassation overruled the decision In August 2016, sending the case back for a new judgment due to lack of proof. The new trial began on the 26th of December 2016 and wavers between postponements and inequitable hearings conducted by obviously biased Magistrates. In the beginning of December 2016, the United Nations Committee against Torture condemned Morocco for the torture of Naâma Asfari whose case had been brought before it by ACAT.

What can you do?

You can write to him to express your support :

Naâma Asfari.
c/o ACAT-France
Responsable Maghreb / Moyen-Orient
7, rue Georges Lardennois
75019 Paris

We will forward your letter to him.

Pray for him

Naâma Asfari

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Naâma Asfari

MoroccoSahara occidental
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