Make us watchmen

Lord who art coming,
Thou art both weak and strong, secret and luminous !
Thou escapest me and I find thee !
Elusive, unimaginable God, Thou the most High,
Thou makest thyself close in the silence of our prayer,
But also in the daily tissue of our lives.

Lord who art coming, we have need of thy grace,
Even so that we can wait for thee
For fatigue and lassitude lie in wait for us.
Remove from our thoughts all fear, thou who art our refuge.
Help us today to face the trials of our times.

Lord who art coming
Make us more firm in our faith,
More joyful in our hope,
More active in our commitment.
Make of us watchmen who respect one another
For love of thee,
And may we all someday be assembled in thee.

Rev. Marianne Prigent,
Prayer Book, Lutheran Society, Ed Olivétan, 2012