It is our joy to praise you

It is our joy to praise You and to give thanks to You,
Lord, our God, Father of light and kindness.
Tirelessly You manifest Yourself as the faithful God.
All the mornings of the world spring out of your hand.
All the evenings if the world close themselves in your hand.

In Jesus, your dearly beloved Son, dead and resurrected for us,
You have given us life, justice and peace.
In spite of the hatreds which separate us,
The injustices which oppress, the pains which crush,
In spite of our failures and our cowardices,
You do not cease to guide us by your living Word.
Make it that every day finds us ready to welcome You.
And that our entire life may announce
The Love which you offer to all humans.
And the joy with which you want to illuminate their existence.
By your Son Jesus Christ. Amen.

Prayer in the Lutheran tradition
"Treasures of Prayer of Christians of the East and West"
Martin de la Roncière, Ed du Jubilé, 2009