God made man

I am not afraid of God who becomes man.
A fragile, vulnerable, child God.
I much more fear men who become God,
violent, barbarous, pitiless, they are all named Herod, and we too, perhaps a bit !
He is full of tenderness and of mercy
the God who becomes man.
The Father offers us his life, the life of his only Son.
This is not a fable. It’s real.
As real as a child of flesh and bones.
This child is named Jesus,
born of Mary “in the time of Herod.” Do you believe that ?
Are you going to keep you heart amour-clad, and call God to the court of the possible,
where your tiny reason presides full of self-importance ?
Do you wish to give yourself a child’s heart
to raise you up the measure of the mystery ?

Meditation of Msgr Julien in 1986 when he was bishop of Rennes