Friend of mankind

Friend of mankind. Blessed Savior, praised, exalted !
Solid refuge, certain shelter.
Goodness which excludes any wickedness,
You who forgive sin and who heal every wound,
You who can do the impossible
And reach the inaccessible,
I praise you, Lord.

Oh road of life,
You who are the first guide
On the path of love,
You who guide me with gentleness
On my march toward the light,
You who give me confidence
And don’t abandon me in my tumbles,
I praise you, Lord.

Clarity without a shadow,
You who envelope me and cover me
In my misery,
You who illuminate me with the rays of your infinite grandeur,
You who make me glorious again in your light,
You who renew and return to me my initial beauty
I praise You, Lord.

Gregory of Narek
"Book of,Prayers", Lutheran Society, Ed Olivétan, 2012