Christ the source of our dignity

Blessed be you, Lord, source and future of our dignity.
You show your tenderness towards the very smallest.
We have so much difficulty detecting your presence
In those whom we judge undeserving of our humanity.
Help us, you who have lived our life of a man,
To never dehumanize the one who seems the furthest away from you.

Lord, you who have known tears and anguish, blessed be you.
You dare to show your emotion before death and abandon.
You speak your compassion toward those who "could fall along the way".
We have so much trouble when faced with suffering that it makes us be absent or talk too much.
Teach us, you who also know suffering, to be totally present
At the side of those whom suffering overpowers.

Lord, revolted by injustice and by hypocrisy, blessed be you.
You give us a law of love and sharing
You ask us to adjust our lives to it.
Tell us, you who die from faithfulness to your message,
how to invent ceaselessly the rules for a more fair world.

Lord, you know how to withdraw and pray, blessed be you
You reveal fraternity to us in designating the Father.
We have so much trouble choosing between activism and resignation.
We fear the silence of your absence or the exigency of your call.
Come pray within us when discouragement makes itself felt.
When prayer seems scandalous in view of so many violences.

Lord, you spoke to the wicked and to your torturers, blessed be you.
You denounce without concession he who doesn’t know how to love,
And in the same breath you invite him to change.
We find it so hard to pray for the torturers as well,
To rejoice over the forgiveness which certain victims are able to give.
Inspire us with the words of true dialogue
And the courage to make the first gesture toward reconciliation.

Lord, you are living, blessed be you.
Your words and actions put us back on the path of life.