Are you in the unexpected which shakes me up ?

Holy Spirit how hard I find it to pray to you !
In the silence or sometimes in the midst of activity.
I address myself to the Father who loves me,
To the Son who revealed to me this gift of God,
But too infrequently to You, who are Love itself.
Are you in the unexpected which shakes me up ?
In the thought which rises up suddenly
or which slowly matures within me ?

You are the wind !
It is You nonetheless who makes me aware of
His expectation, God’s plan for me.
Spirit of discernment, light my spirit.
Spirit of love, touch my heart
And my life will take on a meaning.

Holy Spirit,
More intimate to ourselves than our own breath
You open us up to what we are :
Not simply beings of flesh and blood,
Pulled from the soil and promised to earth,
But persons created for eternity.

Holy Spirit within us,
Come to the assistance of those I love.
When every word seems to me to be an idle one,
When my expectation seems to them to be an illusion,
Blow on them with your burning breath :
So that they may know with what love they are loved.

That it be a sign in the midst of all.
Grant us that we never run out of breath.
Like the air I breathe
Come within me so that each day
The world will appear to me as it is :
Eternally renewed by You.