Allow us to hope


You have always upheld us when we were trouble
and in our trouble today
we turn to you.

Here we are before you today,
Wounded and distraught
well beyond what we are able to express.
You welcome us as we are,
with our rebellion, our torn heart
and the pain that we want to share
with all those who weep.

We know there are forces of hatred
and division in this world.
But we want to affirm that
the struggle against violence is
A struggle which is also waged
within each one of us.

We want to believe, each in his or her own way
That your power and your love will keep those who have left us.
That is why we put them in your keeping in the faith
that they have found peace in your peace
and their forgiveness in your mercy.

Allow us to hope and to firmly believe
that everything here below will be fulfilled in your kingdom.
Allow us the assurance that that which is lost today
in the night
Will be resurrected tomorrow in your light.

Prayer read by Father Michel Evdokimov, Orthodox, and the Reverend Jean Arnold de Clermont, president of the Protestant Federation of France on September 2001 at the American Church in Paris.