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Al-Louh Family

In Gaza…the Al-Louh family

August 20, 2014. It has been more than 40 days since the Israeli Army began bombing the Gaza Strip. The al-Louh family stayed on in its house at Deir al-Balah because it had no safer place where it could take shelter from the bombings. Rafat (31 years old), his pregnant wife, Nabila (29) and their three children Mustafa (9), Maysara (8) and Farah (6) live right next door to the main family house where Rafat’s parents and siblings live.

On this morning of August 20, the two households awaken to the call to prayer. Rafat and his brother Ahmed (21) who stayed over with him the night before are getting ready to go sell watermelons. In the house next door their parents are up but their brothers and sisters are still asleep in the corridor where they shelter themselves from the bombings. All except for Mohammed (21) who is sleeping in his room to try out the bed he has just bought with money made selling watermelons with his brothers. Their cousin Iman (19), a brilliant student who is just about to start University, begins her prayers. An Israeli pilot drops a half-ton bomb killing Mohammed, Iman, Ahmed, Rafat and his wife and their three children. 12 other people are wounded. The al-Louh family is plunged violently into complete despair.

The immense suffering occasioned by the death of their relatives is compounded by the cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment which total impunity represents. To this day the surviving members of the al-Louh family have received neither justice nor compensation.

>> More information : You can find the story of the al-Louh family on the Internet documentary Obliterated Families

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Al-Louh Family

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Al-Louh Family

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