to the Night Prayer Vigil
Night of June 26, 2017
NDV Theme of the year 2016

’What did you do for your brother the foreigner ?’

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Pray evening förbönsfatin med Acat Sweden

Fruängens Kyrkogatan 7
12951 Hägersten
We are people from differents parish meeting on the 21 of june in Fruängen church, by center of Acat Sweden, at 17-21, for pray togheter for differents victimes of ill treatments and tortures. With a communion at 18 We are people from Egypte, Congo, Sweden, Irak, Syria and France togheter. Welcome !

- Dates and times 21 June 2017 a 17:00
- Country Suède
- Address

Fruängens Kyrkogatan 7
12951 Hägersten