to the Night Prayer Vigil
Night of June 26, 2017
Against Torture

ACAT asserts that torture is never legitimate and that the dignity of all persons must be respected without any exception. ACAT therefore defends all victims of torture and ill treatment, whoever prisoners of conscience or common law, whether they are detained by states or non-state entities, whether they have committed reprehensible actions or not. ACAT does not make ideological, ethnic or religious differences.

- Definition of Torture
- The ACAT-France annual report on torture
- Actions against Torture


ACAT is a Christian non-governmental organization created in 1974 to:
- Fight against torture
- Abolish Death Penalty
- Protect victims
- Live out ecumenist values.

The ACAT network.
There are 30 ACAT in the world, federated within FIACAT (International Federation of ACAT).

Act together

Each year we put an end to the ordeal of several hundreds of people worldwide.

What can you do?

- Lobby
Massive petitioning.
Advocating to international institutions, governments and policy makers.

- Inform
Field survey
Mission reports, publications, testimonies, press campaigns

- Support
Accompany victims, write to detainees and prisoners...


Pray evening förbönsfatin med Acat Sweden

Fruängens Kyrkogatan 7
12951 Hägersten
We are people from differents parish meeting on the 21 of june in Fruängen church, by center of Acat Sweden, at 17-21, for pray togheter for differents victimes of ill treatments and tortures. With a communion at 18 We are people from Egypte, Congo, Sweden, Irak, Syria and France togheter. Welcome !

- Dates and times 21 June 2017 a 17:00
- Country Suède
- Address

Fruängens Kyrkogatan 7
12951 Hägersten